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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A.  Goals and Objectives (Continued)

The specific objectives for each program component are:

! Captioning: Increase accessibility of television and film to approxi-
mately 14 million deaf and hearing-impaired persons by developing,
adapting, producing, and distributing materials that incorporate the
most recent technological advancements in film and television.

2.  Technology Development Projects:  Improve the education, independent
functioning and employment of handicapped individuals by assuring that
the advances in educational technology are available, of good quality,
and used appropriately.  Funds support projects to improve software
for use in special education programming for mild and moderately handi-
capped children, and to develop devices to compensate for a particular
handicapping condition which might impede the educational achievement.

3.  Educational Media and Materials Centers;  Improve the availability of
quality materials for handicapped children, their parents, and educators
by designing, developing, adapting, and disseminating appropriate edu-
cational material and information.

4.  National Theater of the Deaf; Provide support for the National Theater
of the Deaf in order to (1) raise awareness about the capabilities and
creativeness of handicapped persons and (2) provide for the educational
and cultural advancement of deaf persons who participate with the
National Theater.

5.  Record1ngs for the Blind: Provide tape-recorded textbooks to help vis-
ually impairedstudents of all ages overcome barriers to learning.

B.  Progress and Accomplishments
Funds for FY 84 were spent as follows:

Amount       No. of Projects

1.  Captioning                                                          $ 9,204,994                                62

2.  Technology                                                              2,550,006                                22

3.  Media and Materials Centers                          1,205,000                                  3

4.  National Theater of the Deaf                           "500,000                                  1

5.  Recordings for the Blind, Inc.                         540,000                                  1

$14,000,000                         155"

C.    Cost, Benefits, and Effectiveness

The primary focus of this program has been on the captioning of films and
television programs. Program funds have been instrumental in the develop-
ment of the closed-captioning television system, enabling deaf and hearing-
impaired persons to enjoy television on sets equipped with a special decoder
unit.                                                320,599